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Dear Donald,

As you know I’ve been writing you practically every day since February 8, 2017. Friday evening my email got bounced back. My email account tried to send the email through to both White House email accounts all weekend, but to no avail. Since day one, I have always sent my emails to the president@whitehouse.gov and cc’d comments@whitehouse.gov .

So after 88 letters, my 89th letter is the one that broke the camel’s back? Funny, I never once got a response back from you or your administration.

To be honest, I don’t even know why I’m writing this letter. I don’t even think it will get through to anyone.

I feel so dismissed. Is there even a purpose to keep these letters up? Do I just remain persistent and send from a new email address? At what point is persistence considered harassment. I don’t even know I should or shouldn’t do in this situation.

I mean, I didn’t really have high hopes that you were actually even reading them Donald, but I thought that maybe someone in your administration might. The slight hope was there, that maybe something I had to say might be interesting enough to get passed on to you. I knew it was a very small to zero chance of that, but the fact that I can’t even have the satisfaction of the emails being successfully delivered  is so disheartening.

I can’t escape your presence, but I bet it must be nice for you to be able to dismiss people you don’t want to hear from so easily.

A Solicitous Citizen