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Dear Donald,

Now I know that you think that firing James B. Comey relieved this “great pressure” on you, but if anything, it only raised more questions and suspicions. The investigation is now looking into possible cover ups aided by White House officials.

Nonetheless,  these investigations and firings have nothing to do with the latest attacks on Syria. The coverage on this attack doesn’t seem to be making the same types of waves that the first one did. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the U.S. is claiming that these attacks are defensive.

The official focus was supposed to be on ISIS, but as we increase a presence in Syria I wonder if our focus is changing? As per usual, there is controversy on the whole matter. Some think this is the result of a power struggle to gain control of the south-eastern front of Syria. This would compromise an important supply line for Iran to keep their own presence in Syria.

According to Defense Secretary Jim Mattis “We are not increasing our role in the Syrian civil war, but we will defend our troops,”. Although, if we were, I think that would be kept under wraps.

Whatever the reasoning may be, I just hate to see the devastation and destruction left behind after attacks like this, and hope we don’t have another war to look forward to in our new future.

A Solicitous Citizen