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Dear Donald,

You certainly aren’t wining any popularity contests these days. In fact, it seems that those swirling whispers of impeachment are gaining traction these days. Since your election some people have been wishing for your impeachment, but of course something has to justify an impeachment taking place.

I personally find it interesting that there are no formal rulings what constitutes as an impeachable offense. Of course there are obvious grounds for impeachment such as bribery, treason and major crimes etc. In addition to the obvious offenses it seems that the people ruled that ultimately the House and Senate were the deciding authorities on what impeachable offenses are.

Since an impeachment is only formal charging being brought against a government official, there is no assurance that should an impeachment occur, that anything would actually come of it. While it is a means for removal of federal officers, the process is not easy, and requires a majority vote.

Things are not looking so well for you either way. With each passing day, more and more people get the feeling that you simply do not know what you are doing, and believe that you are in over your head. That is a very terrifying thought with so many lives affected by your day to day decisions.

A Solicitous Citizen