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Dear Donald,

I saw two articles today about you that I found deeply disturbing. The first of these articles was talking about how gullible you are, and easily swayed you can be. It seems that Reince Priebus had to specifically ask that you not be given anything to read that is not fact based. The article paints you as a highly reactive and easily manipulated individual.

Tell me, how am I supposed to feel about this? How am I supposed to have faith in someone that seems as easy to sway as a toddler. The concern seems to be that anyone can have a direct influence on what happens on a day to day basis, based off of whatever information they slip to you. This is honestly very very scary.

In addition to that whole story, I also came across another article that implies that you don’t understand when to keep information classified. I get the feeling that you like to feel powerful, and being in the know is very intoxicating to you. I bet it feels really great when you can be the one to share information with others just to show them how much you know that they don’t know. Unfortunately, sometimes it isn’t in your, or our best interest to constantly parade how much you are privy to. If you spill all of the secrets and share the information, there is nothing you have that others don’t anymore.

At what point do you think you’ll get to a point that you might realize that you are not the best person to hold this position of power? I honestly feel like each and every day you hold this position, the country becomes more and more divided and weak. Something needs to change. When will you see that?

A Solicitous Citizen