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Dear Donald,

You really don’t make it easy for those who are working so hard to try and keep a good image for you. The initial story for your firing of Comey was that you were doing it under the recommendations of your council, but now you are claiming you’ve been thinking about firing him “for months”

People seem to think that we may be watching you and your administration slowly come undone. I don’t understand  how you are going to get through four years, when you have come under such scrutiny in the first few months.

You keep stating that you are not under investigation, but to me it sounds like perhaps thou doth protest too much. Also, if you were the focus of an FBI investigation, I don’t think they would lay all of their cards out on the table for you to see. It would take away from the credibility of the information they are working to collect.

I would be highly curious to see if there is any information that could be collected from recordings taken in the White House for security purposes. Of course I suspect you and your administration would fight tooth and nail to keep anything like that from ever seeing the light of day.

As always, I’m just patiently waiting to see what else gets uncovered and how this all unfolds.

A Solicitous Citizen