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Dear Donald,

I have a hard time trying to figure out what your goal is when you tweet. You often are not tweeting facts, and I wonder if you are the one misunderstanding the situation or if you are trying to mislead others.

Your tweets following the results of Sally Yates testimony are not entirely accurate.

“Director Clapper reiterated what everybody, including the fake media already knows- there is “no evidence” of collusion w/ Russia and Trump.” @realDonaldTrump 3:41 PM – 8 May 2017

Um, I’m sorry but that’s not actually what Clapper said. He said he had been unaware of the FBI investigation into the Russia ties, which sounds like he was admitting that he didn’t have the full story to make a definitive statement on the matter.

“Sally Yates made the fake media extremely unhappy today — she said nothing but old news!” @realDonaldTrump 3:43 PM – 8 May 2017

This is pretty funny, because we were all very interested to hear what exactly it was that was discussed at the meeting that we knew took place. While it may be old news to  your administration what was discussed, we were not privy to those conversations.

“The Russia-Trump collusion story is a total hoax, when will this taxpayer funded charade end?” @realDonaldTrump 3:43 PM – 8 May 2017

So just so we are clear, these investigations are happening to understand how, and to what extent Russia interfered with the election. Now whether or not you and your administration took part in this is another matter that should be uncovered as a result.

In addition, I do not think it is a “taxpayer-funded charade” to look into how a foreign power attempted to influence the outcome of our presidential election and prevent it from happening again.

It seems as if you are just aiming to discredit what took place and make a cry of fake news to dissuade people from putting any stock into what is being revealed in these hearings.

Why do you fight against the pursuit of truth and understanding so stubbornly. It only makes you seem less trustworthy in the end, you know that right?

A Solicitous Citizen