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Dear Donald,

More news on the Russia investigation says that the Senate Intelligence Committee is asking for all records of communications with Russian officials. For those that don’t comply it seems that it paves the way for subpoenas to be issued for the information. I guess the choice is to give it up by your own volition or have it taken. I wonder what the responses will be like and if it all goes smoothly. Will connections be found? What will happen if hard evidence is found that means that things happened that shouldn’t have. Hmm, maybe nothing will come of it at all except to put all of these questions to rest.

If something is found, will you and your administration try to hide it under the guise of fake news and the media out to get you? I think it is very damaging to our country’s reputation the way that you just tweet so irresponsibly and just perpetuate this “fake news” propaganda against news that you don’t like.

There is a difference between fake news, and different perspectives. Just because you may not like someone’s interpretation of the events as they see it from their perspective, does not make it fake news. Fake news, is a story created out of nothing that occurred at all. Lies.

Please stop cultivating this culture of lies and distrust.

A Solicitous Citizen