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Dear Donald,

I’m just going to keep today’s letter short and sweet. Tomorrow’s vote on the bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act is really taking my attention right now. It seems that this new bill is gaining traction and that this bill is more likely to pass.

While it isn’t really clear if this bill will have support from conservatives, the House Republicans were really sent home with an earful, as this article puts it: the House Republican Conference was left with a stark choice: Reject the measure and take the blame previously left at the feet of conservatives for undermining a central goal of the administration, or give it the nod, please voters who want a repeal, and risk taking a potentially fatal hit in the next election for approving a measure expected to leave tens of millions of Americans without insurance.

I’m just holding my breath to see what happens tomorrow, as it seems like for sure this vote is going to happen tomorrow. While I know there have been some changes made to the bill, it didn’t change enough to change the fact that a lot of people still stand to lose so much. Nothing substantial has really changed in the bill over all, just a few minor tweaks to say it’s different.

I’m over here hoping that some people can still exercise empathy for the people this will affect and really cast their votes with those people in mind.

A Solicitous Citizen