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Dear Donald,

So why don’t you feel comfortable expanding on your accusations that Obama and his administration were spying on you? You can’t say these kinds of things without expecting that people will really want you to clarify exactly what you mean. You can have your own opinions, but that doesn’t mean that they are true or based in fact.

Your administration has been trying to portray you as a competent president and demonstrate progress to show for your first 100 days in office, but with interactions like this interview you cut short with CBS, it really doesn’t seem to match up.

You don’t always seem to act very presidential, or as someone who tries to put their best foot forward as the face of our nation. I get the impression that you just say whatever pops in your head, and perhaps that you like to get reactions from saying shocking things, but perhaps you find it frustrating when people try to keep you honest and fact check you.

I don’t know if your administration doesn’t help prep you before interviews, or if you just simply stubbornly refuse to, but perhaps you should start. If you are going into these interviews winging it, I’m here to tell you it’s not working for you. You could probably would come off a bit more intelligent if you spent some time preparing.

The whole bit about President Andrew Jackson in your interview with Salena Zito was just so embarrassing. Your tangents have to start making sense if you want to be taken seriously. This making up your own reality isn’t going to cut it.

A Solicitous Citizen