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Dear Donald,

Well, after reading the transcript from your interview with “Face the Nation” John Dickerson, I guess I got the wrong impression from your Reuters interview. You are putting on a happy face for the job, saying that you really love it and think you are doing a good job. When directly asked about how you thought it would be easier you said that it’s tough, but that you’ve had things that were tougher, but that you’ll let us know if that is still the case after eight years.

I was just so surprised that you think that you could possibly serve two terms. You think foreign policy is going well, and that relationships with other leaders are going great, and any media out there that says otherwise is fake.

You tried to call out John as one of the sources of news that you call fake and called the show“Deface the Nation”. As he tried to have a reasonable debate with you about stories that you didn’t like, you kept cutting him off and shutting him down. You didn’t want a discussion, you just wanted to say your piece and move on with no rebuttal.

I’m sorry, but with that kind of attitude, I should hope that you don’t serve two terms. You aren’t open to listen to the people you are trying to serve. You seem to just want things to be your way or the highway.

A Solicitous Citizen