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Dear Donald,

I saw one of the big headlines today that new documents have been released that show Michael Flynn was warned by the Defense Intelligence Agency against accepting foreign payments as he reached retirement. According to Rep. Elijah Cummings, it seems that this documenting is raises some important questions about who Flynn concealed the payments he received from foreign sources after he was explicitly warned by the Pentagon.

Of course Michael Flynn’s lawyer has his job cut out for him in trying to defend Flynn, and he issued a statement disagreeing with the characterization that Representative Cummings made of the released document. Flynn’s lawyer goes on to say that Flynn was forthcoming with providing a thumb drive of documents/information to the US military officials.

When you were asked about whether or not you had any regrets about Flynn, I think it’s amusing to note that your response was “thank you”. I suppose you thought that was a clever way to avoid answering a question you didn’t like, but then again, I think your reluctance to  answer speaks volumes.

Once again, another display of not wanting to take ownership of anything negative that may be connected to you or a result of a decision you made.

A Solicitous Citizen