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Dear Donald,

As your 100th day in office approaches, so many are trying to collect and summarize all that has happened since you took up the position. Every president aims to accomplish so much, aspiring to set the new Roosevelt standard.

Your beloved Fox News issued a poll trying to get a good picture of your effectiveness. Although, it seems like that is getting some mixed reviews, probably due to the fact that you are currently only holding a 45 percent approval rating. It also looks like some serious improvements will have to occur if you hold any hope for reelection.

Your support base seems to be waning. The election was won in your favor by people who wanted to see a real change, which largely relied on your promise to ‘drain the swamp’.  I don’t think people feel like you are upholding that promise.

I think people thought that because you were not a politician that things would be cleaner and more transparent when you took office, when in actuality that was not the case at all. People seemed to have this idea that you were a sort of every day fellow that could relate to them and bring about the changes that they so desperately were hoping could make their lives better. I’m not sure how people came to these conclusions, but your campaign certainly knew how to foster those hopes and paved the way to your win with the dreams of those poor fools.

There doesn’t seem to be any true honesty or transparency with your administration at all. The refusal to release your tax returns was the first example of this. Every day I wonder how long you will be able to maintain control of this country as the bitter disappointment and dissension grows.

A Solicitous Citizen