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Dear Donald,

I feel like I keep saying the same stuff over and over again. I want to be understanding and not make assumptions about who you are and what you are doing. This is not easy, and you really don’t make it any easier.

You don’t even seem like you were qualified to take on this role, and now that you have it, I just feel like so many lives are just living at the mercy of your every whim. It seems like when it comes to opposing you, there are very few who have the power or influence to doing anything.

You are so dead set on making these changes to the healthcare system, when you said yourself ‘nobody’ new healthcare could be so complicated. I’m sorry, but that is a ridiculous thing to say. Of course healthcare would be complicated. Perhaps you weren’t aware, but that doesn’t mean ‘nobody’ was. Why are you so hell bent on making changes to a system that you probably don’t even fully understand?

Also, while the government is looking for solutions to avoid a shutdown, you are still pushing to get this great Mexican wall funded. Why do you get to decide that our money goes to this wall that so many people oppose? Once again, it seems like you are making a pretty big decision that will affect a lot of people, and perhaps you aren’t the most experienced in these kinds of matters to be pushing these agendas. Please do back down from this fight for funding.

I know it’s not only you, but you do have to support them in order for them to move forward. I can try to convince you to think about all of the people you are affecting until I’m blue in the face, or my fingers are numb from typing every letter I can, but you are still going to do what you are going to do.

Sometimes I think I’m wasting my time when I write these letters day after day, but then sometimes I think of how I really can’t make a difference if I don’t try. I hope someone reads these. Maybe they make a difference, maybe they don’t, but I do know for certain they can’t if they are never made.

A Solicitous Citizen