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Dear Donald,

Russia is coming up again in the news again. It seems like the new hypothesis is that Russia tried to use some of your advisors to infiltrate your campaign.

There is some speculation on whether or not the individuals were knowingly aiding the Russians or not. Regardless, I really hope this investigation concludes soon. I have no idea what the end results will be but at this point, I will just be happy to have this issued put to rest and resolved.

I’m hearing that the FBI seems to be using this ‘unverified dossier’ as sort of a trail to follow and connect dots in this investigation. Apparently this document of memos is from Christopher Steel, a previous agent of Britain’s secret intelligence MI6. A BuzzFeed journalist obtained a copy and published it back in January.

The fact that the FBI is using this dossier put some legitimacy to the timeline and substance of it. Which might explain why some ‘experts’ have accused the FBI of having political reasons for allowing this into evidence.

I am of the opinion that the truth cannot stay hidden. Too many people are digging into this to keep this under wraps forever. I hope you are really aware of the truth, facts and reality of the situation and you are prepared for the outcome, no matter what the results are.

A Solicitous Citizen