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Dear Donald,

I came across an article today that seemed to portray you in a different light than I’m used to seeing. I know there is never one side to a story and if some of these things the journalist said is another angle of truth, I bet you are in quite a pickle.

Running the country is a completely different world for you. You did not come into this position with any political or military know how, and now  you are on the top of the chain in both of those fronts. The pressure of the job may just now be finally settling in. If not, I really wish it would.

You are described as a homebody who dislikes interpersonal conflict and try to leave the resolutions of issues to others. The journalist claims that you are not comfortable sleeping outside of your own bed, and that you are probably not happy with the adjustments you are having to make. At 70 years old I can imagine how stuck in you ways you must be.

The most thought provoking part of the whole article that I find is that she thinks you are lonely and she almost portrays you as a poor old guy that just needs to be surrounded by his family in the comforts of his own home.

If this portrayal of you is in any part accurate, it only makes me question why you went forward with the whole election. A lot of people said that they didn’t think you thought it would go anywhere.

Perhaps you just did it for fun, and expected to be out of the running early on, but once your train got going and it picked up traction, maybe you thought it was too late to back out. Or was it that you like the attention and the adoration. Did you feel obligated to carry on after you saw the people put so much faith in you.

The people were hanging on to your every word thinking that because you weren’t like any of the other that came before you that perhaps you could be some kind of savior. They wanted to believe that you could completely and radically transform this country back to some warped recollection of a time when “America was great”.

I don’t know what your motivations were, it’s too late to think of what should of, could have, would have happened at this point. What matters now is that you are in this position and I think you need to really step up to the plate and do the best that you can, not for yourself, but for America.

A Solicitous Citizen