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Dear Donald,

As we approach your first hundred days I imagine the pressure is on to have something substantial to reinforce the great claims you made at the start.

It will be funny to see what your administration tries to pull together to put a positive spin on all that has happened. However, I feel that there might be a lot of disagreement to be voiced from the people and the media.

I didn’t vote for you. You did not give me any feelings of reassurance that when you took office that you would look out for people like me and the people I loved. In fact, you said a great many things that would lead me to believe that you would actually do harm to those I loved and myself.

While some people may take joy in being right, in this case I was desperately hoping to be proven wrong. I wanted to believe that you were not as ignorant as you seemed to project, or that perhaps you said outrageous things just to receive more publicity and traction. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen you do anything to change my opinion on you.

I read an article that outlines how much the media reports only negatively on you, and it seemed to be written from a conservative viewpoint. It would seem that they want the reader to see how unfair the media has been in negatively portraying you.

Interestingly enough though, they did not provide an equal amount of stories that could have been covered that would portray you positively. There were no flip side positive spins on how the media could have spun the stories. I wonder, if they considered the fact that perhaps the media can only report on what is. Perhaps the reality of the matter is that the substance that they have to report on is not positive no matter how you spin it.

Your product is only as good as the ingredients you have. I understand that everyone has biases, but I think that positive spins only go so far if there is really no substance.

A Solicitous Citizen