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Dear Donald,

Every day before I actually start writing my daily letter, I always do some research and catch up on the latest news. I usually see quite a few topics that I can address or focus on. Sometimes I only choose one, sometimes I try to integrate and cover a few different headlines that caught my attention.

Today was a little different in the fact that in my first web search a headline caught my attention that immediately made my heart sink ‘First protected ‘Dreamer’ deported under Trump’.

Now I know there are probably a lot of other things that have happened that I can be talking about, but the reality is that I am human, and this is something that really really matters to me in a big way. I began hyper focusing on it and trying to find out all that I could about this person and the circumstances that led to this.

This is very upsetting to me. I remember when you were initially campaigning you spoke of bringing an end to DACA, but to be honest over since you’ve been in office it seemed like maybe you were rethinking the matter. Now I’m not sure how you feel about this whole situation with Juan Manuel Montes being deported even though he was granted deportation protections, but for the people who are under DACA, this is not something they can just brush off.

US born citizens had no choice where their parents lived, loved, and birthed them, just as those who are supposed to be protected under DACA had no choice that their parents brought them here. They try to do the right thing by filing under DACA.

Juan Montes is 23 years old and has been here since the age of 9. He has grown up here, gone to school here, made friends here. HIS LIFE IS HERE. How could he have a clue waking up today that this is how this day would end? Juan thought if he “kept his nose clean, nothing would happen. He tried to sneak back home only to be quickly caught by agents and stopped.

As if this all wasn’t infuriating enough in and of itself, I also found out that some freaking Congressman from Iowa is out there raising a glass to those that played a role in this deportation. I’m sorry, but I can’t even begin to express my rage. There is nothing righteous about being born into the privilege of having American citizenship.” Steve King’s indifferent ignorance is absolutely disgusting, and I wish just once, he could be put in a similar situation as poor Juan. I wish he could experience someone just like him being just as disgustingly numb to show him how inhuman his mindset and words really are.

A Solicitous Citizen