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Dear Donald,

Nobody likes being lied to. Lies are dangerous and perpetual liars are not well liked. Although the worst liars are the ones that think they are telling the truth. I am not sure whether when you speak if you intentionally aim to deceive and lie, or if you are one of those that does not even realize you are lying?

Do you get so caught up in what you want to be the truth that you lost what the truth really is? It’s kind of funny in a sad sort of way, how if you tell a lie enough times, you start to remember it as if it really happened, or is.

I came across an article today of a poll that shows that the majority of the US no longer believes that you keep your promises.

It just came as a sort of reassurance that I am not alone. While I know the entire world doesn’t all feel the same way about you, I think sometimes I worry that you have more people won over than not. Or perhaps I worry that you have just the right people sold on your agenda to keep the ball rolling in your favor.

While the poll results seem brutally against you, I certainly hope it is a true representation of the reality of the situation. With more people united in the same mindset and opinions, I hope it means that you won’t be able to cause too much heartache with your time in office. Republicans and Democrats oftentimes are divisive and unwilling to yield and work together, but it seems that perhaps they are not too different in terms of their distrust of you.

I hope that this might serve as somewhat of an eye opener to you that the people are in tune to your  actions and your actions are speaking louder than your words.

A Solicitous Citizen