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Dear Donald,

After North Korea’s failed missile launch, I can’t help but wonder where this leaves us now. North Korea does not take your comments lightly.

Ideally it would seem that you hope that China can resolve all of this. Of course  now that we need China’s help to try and resolve this situation peacefully it’s funny to hear you try and backpedal on previous comments of China being a currency manipulator.

You have made a reputation for yourself in that you say whatever the heck you want. Some people were won over by this trait of yours during the campaign. They found it attractive that you “tell it like it is”. I wonder with the time you’ve spent in office, if the same people still feel that way about the things you say.

I feel like in this short time you’ve spent in office, even though it feels like an eternity, time and time again everyone is being shown that you aren’t really “telling it like it is”. You cry “fake news” and “unfair” left and right, but you are oftentimes the perpetrator of these things yourself. I always get the impression that the things you choose to do and say will only benefit you, your inner circle and those that serve purpose to you here or in future.

The position you hold seems to be a power trip for you or an ego boost, but in reality it’s meant to serve for the benefit of our country and all who call this land home. You are the head of a democracy, not a dictatorship. Our voices matter.

If you surround yourself with only those that share your opinion, and discount and or discredit those opinions that differ, you will never really make true advances that matter and change our country for the better.

Diversity is our strength. America already is great, you just have to open your eyes and see things through other perspectives. A hammer is a useful tool, and so is a screwdriver, but if you try to use a screwdriver to hammer a nail, you won’t be making the best use of your tools.

Try other methods, listen to other opinions, and the next time you decide to make bold statements on Twitter, perhaps try exercising caution and think ahead on how accusations or threats may only be more harmful to us as a whole later down the line.

A Solicitous Citizen