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Dear Donald,

After hearing about the bombing in Afghanistan today I wondered if this was yet another bombing you did on a whim or if perhaps this one was granted Congressional Approval. Now, I tend to lean more toward you acting of your own accord, because I truly don’t think that you feel that you should have to be granted authorization.

I think in most cases Congress has probably found it easier to allow the president to do as they desire, but with someone so green to politics holding the position that you do, I really wish you would do things as they should be done.

Was this recent attack you trying to make good on the campaign promises regarding ISIS? Perhaps by doing this you were hoping to regain support back from your initial supporting base? Your approval ratings are not looking so good, and I wonder if this is an attempt to bring those numbers up again.

It seems that your popularity is waning. A campaign supporter of yours is quoted to have said ‘We expect him to keep his word, and right now he’s not keeping his word,’. In this bombing you issued today, I wonder if people will see this as you trying to keep your word.

The problem is, that you say a lot of things. It’s hard to know what you will actually follow through with. I think that people are starting to become skeptical about how effective you truly are as President. I have a feeling that the people who supported you, are starting to doubt whether or not they have been used.

Are you a leader if there is no one behind you?

A Solicitous Citizen

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