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Dear Donald,

In trying to get a handle on how people are feeling after your attack on Syria last week, I came across a poll that breaks down the approvals and disapprovals by Republican, Democrat, Independent and overall. I find it interesting to note that overall as a collective majority there is a 57% approval on the strike that occurred, but that few Americans are willing to see the US get more involved than airstrikes with Syria.

It comes as no surprise to me that the majority numbers seem to be won over by the sheer majority of Republicans leaning in favor. While the Independent and Democratic voters seem to be more evenly torn on the approval and disapproval I find it equally worth noting that of the three parties polled, the Democratic voters are the only of the three to lean more towards disapproval than approval.

One thing that all three parties did agree on however, was the need for Congressional approval for further military action. All three parties were more than 50% in agreement on this matter. I certainly hope this speaks volumes to you as something to consider before any further actions are taken.

It’s unclear as to how much of a threat these chemical weapons pose to the US, but personally I think the matter should be handled as delicately and as thoughtfully as possible.

We have a fair amount of support internationally regarding the strike, I still hope issues can be resolved in a way that does not lead to an actual declaration of war.

This is not a time to allow egos to dictate how responses should be conducted. People’s lives should never be a trifling matter.

A Solicitous Citizen