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Dear Donald,

I feel like we are teetering on the edge of big changes up ahead with all of what’s been going on after the chemical attack that happened in Syria, and the attack that you issued in response.

Russia, and Iran are not happy with this attack and think that the US has crossed a line. A warning of retaliation was issued should any further aggression take place.

I’m concerned as to what will happen next, as it seems that a second strike on the same town that was hit with the chemical attack was stuck once again, but this time by airstrike. Is this an act of defiance in response to your attempt at putting them in their place? You show no sign of backing down should signs of a challenge arise, and people are already starting voice the possibility that this make turn into a World War III.

Secretary of State Tillerson made some very bold statements of blame directed towards Russa regarding the chemical attacks.  “The failure related to the recent strike and the recent terrible chemical weapons attack in large measure is a failure on Russia’s part to achieve its commitment to the international community,” While I believe it is very important for people to own their mistakes, I think in a sensitive time like this when our relationships are not very strong, things perhaps should be handled a bit more delicately.

As a common civilian, I feel so powerless and can only hope for the best.

A Solicitous Citizen