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Dear Donald,

I wish you could get it through your head that true leadership is not about superiority or prestige. I wish you could understand that you would truly be respected if you actually took ownership of what you and your administration are doing, instead of always trying to pass blame, but be the first to claim credit whenever you think you can.

If you showed that you were truly invested in the good of all Americans and not just those that can afford to live as lavishly as you, people might feel a little differently towards you.

I watched you speaking with King Abdullah about the attacks on Syria and as per usual it was really hard for me to understand if you were actually saying anything of consequence or just rambling off words.

You don’t ever seem to answer questions and it drives me crazy! A lot of times it comes off as you not knowing what to say so you try to just ramble and say nothing too committal so you can’t be held to anything you say. Then of course you always have to have the last word and try to pass of any blame that might fall on you and say “the world is a mess” and that you “inherited a mess” but of course you’re going to fix it.

Truly admirable leaders always take lesser than their share of the credit and more than their share of the blame. Until you learn that leadership is not all about the hoopla and praise, but truly concerning yourself with the safety and overall wellbeing the people beneath you, you will never find the true admiration it seems you crave so badly.

I always feel stupid for keeping this small shred of hope, that people can change, even people that seem to be as stubborn as you. Although, if I didn’t try and keep the hope alive, I think the crushing disappointment would feel far worse.

A Solicitous Citizen