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Dear Donald,

So part of me wants to be really happy that you removed Stephen Bannon from his position on the National Security Council’s principals committee, but another part of me is wondering if this is just the tip of an iceberg of something bigger.

I hate feeling like I’m overly paranoid, or  like I sound like an unreasonable conspiracy theorist, but I feel like if I don’t stay on my toes I would be worse off.

As per usual there was no real details provided on the reasoning for the demotion. I wonder if there are other positions in mind for him, or if there was something that happened that caused some irreconcilable differences. Of course I could spend all day coming up with what ifs, but at the end of the day they are all just speculations.

Even when your administration offers reasons or explanations for your doings, I always just know it’s the story you all have agreed upon to share to paint you all in the best light possible. I guess that’s always the case, but with you and your previous actions and statements, I tend to be a bit more apprehensive about everything you do.

In other news I found it really quite unsurprising yet frustrating that you not only support Bill O’Reilly, but that you don’t think that he did anything wrong. You automatically assume there is no merit to the claims of sexual harassment and verbal abuse accused of him. This to me sounds like your typical approach in that if something doesn’t align with what you want it to be, you immediately dismiss it and deny it or claim it is fake news.

I don’t think you can keep a clean slate for long. Sooner or later something will happen that you can’t hide. At some point, there will be undeniable evidence you can’t do away with and I hope it really changes things for the better.

A Solicitous Citizen