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Dear Donald,

Things are a little off this weekend since, I’m traveling. I know you probably missed our daily connection yesterday, but I’m a still around. Our chats may be a bit limited, due to spotty wifi and lack of computer at hand, but I will still make an effort to keep our correspondence going. Not that I think you care or are worried about me, but I thought I just might let you know that our talks might be a bit brief and spotty until I get back home and back to routine next week.

Anyways, as I sit and search the news here in this hotel, I see that Michael Flynn was offering his testimony to congress for immunity, but it doesn’t look like they are willing to broker a deal as of right now. I guess we will have to see how things proceed on that front. Could be nothing more that smart lawyering, but of course it would be pretty juicy if it was more than that.

On the more amusing note of this news was your accidentally walking out of the executive order ceremony without having even signed the orders. Ha! It seems that when asked about Flynn’s involvement you just wanted to ignore the question and move on to another room without even signing off on the executive orders yet. Ha!!

This of course only peaks my interest on how this will all unfold.

Well, until next time.


A Solicitous Citizen