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Dear Donald,

In the press briefing today, we all saw Sean Spicer get very irritated and lashed out at Urban Radio Network’s correspondent April Ryan. April had asked how the Trump Administration would work to repair its image following the recent events. She made a reference to the wiretap debacle in addition to a report that your administration got House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes to call off a hearing where former Justice Department Official Sally Yates planned to testify in the Russia investigation.

Everybody has their limits, and apparently Sean Spicer is reaching his capacity at having to find ways to try and spin things and get people to buy your administration’s claims of twisted truths and reality. Spicer tried to delegitimize any suspicions of Russian connections with you and threw out a desperate salad dressing analogy to imply that we are simply making stories where there are none.

The fact still remains that you have not been forthcoming or transparent to put these suspicions to rest, and in fact the sudden cancellation of House Intelligence meetings only increases suspicions that something is not right.

Also, please don’t think that your go to attempts to distract and redirect attention elsewhere and blame pointing is all that effective. Whenever it looks like you are in an uncomfortable position, you always seem to try and tweet shocking things to try and detract from the negative attention you are receiving.

It’s so frustrating to watch the same thing unfold every week, different topics, but same frustrations.

A Solicitous Citizen