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Dear Donald,

I just read today that your approval rating has fallen to a 36% after your healthcare bill debacle. This number of course could see some rise in the future, but it may also be an indication that your grace period is now passed.

It might be a little optimistic of me to hope that people who were fooled into placing their faith and hope in you are starting to see your true colors, but I have to believe that eventually people will get tired of all of the talk and want to see some true deliverance on all of the promises you’ve made. You can’t blame me for my lack of trust or confidence that those people will ever get the satisfaction of seeing fulfillment of their needs.

Today I feel like you felt the need to come back swinging after the failure last week with the healthcare bill, as we see that you signed four new bills that undo regulations set by the Obama Administration.

I honestly think that you cannot change your mindset from a CEO company perspective and realize that the role of government is completely different. The “Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces” rule you overturned does not look out for the benefit of the people, but of the big companies. Even with your official announcement putting Jared Kushner in charge of your newly created White House Office of Innovation to reform government policies through corporate ideas and solutions.

Jared himself is quoted to have said “The government should be run like a great American company,”. When the fact of the matter is it really shouldn’t. In all honesty, I don’t even understand how Jared is even qualified enough to make these types of changes. It would seem that his only business experience would be from his family’s real estate business firm, a short time as a newspaper publisher and his bidding to buy the LA Dodgers.

Seriously, how long are we going to keep putting people in positions to do jobs, they know nothing about, and expect this not to affect our country negatively in the long run?

A Solicitous Citizen