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Dear Donald,
The big news yesterday was of course the pulling of the healthcare bill. A lot of news I see today is still everyone dealing with that and seeing what that means about the Republican Party as a whole. I am also hoping it’s a little bit of a wakeup call to you as well.

It seems like you came into the Presidency with major preconceived notions about how you thought you could come in and just completely turn things around to some ideal that you had in mind. You pride yourself on being a business man who can close deals, but I feel stupid in hoping this experience was not only humbling but enlightening as well as enlightening.

You are always so quick to find others to blame. One minute someone could be in your graces, but the next minute if you need someone to take a fall, that same individual could be your scapegoat.

Let’s use Paul Ryan as an example for a second. You seemed to be complimenting Paul Ryan on working “very very hard” to get this bill passed. Spoke as if you did not blame him for the failure of the bill. You of course didn’t shoulder any blame yourself, but you blamed Democrats for the failure of the bill. Yet also managed to give a plug Judge Jeanine Pirro’s show who used her opening to totally help you evade any responsibility for the failed bill, but instead demand Paul Ryan step down.

So do you or do you  not support Paul Ryan and his “very very hard” work he put in to get the bill the votes it needed.

I don’t understand how anyone is supposed to have any faith in you, when you are constantly turning on your own people. I would think if you keep up with this trajectory, soon you will have no one to rely on or to turn to for support.

A Solicitous Citizen