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Dear Donald,

Ok, so today is the first time I’ve seen some news reporting that some of you and your administration’s communications may have been swept up in surveillance on foreign targets. I am so not surprised that you and your administration are clinging to this and riding this wave like your free ticket out of the tough position you tweeted yourself into.

I just want to clarify that what you tweeted and what occurred are completely different though. There was no wiretapping or orders of surveillance placed on Trump tower. Any information that was collected, was collected as a result of surveillance on other targets. If you were not interacting with these targets you would never have been involved.

I don’t understand how this information makes you feel vindicated, because this has absolutely nothing to do with you! Of course this is a convenient cover up though to cover your careless accusations you threw out, and of course you and your administration will run with whatever they can.

I’m curious to see what stories you will try to hide behind if it comes to light that you and your administration were colluding with Russia. It seems that it might be only a matter of time before more damning evidence comes out, and I will be eager to see what your excuses will be then.

Well, if that excitement wasn’t enough, tomorrow is the day we will see if your healthcare reform passes in Congress tomorrow. I guess we will see if your amendments were enough to get it passed. Until tomorrow then!

A Solicitous Citizen