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Dear Donald,

It might just be me, but it seems to be a little quiet in regards to news from your neck of the woods. Are you still recouping from the information released at yesterday’s House Intelligence Committee hearing? It seems like every news article I see is covering the updates from that 7 ways from Sunday. Oh well, short letters don’t bother me any. I’m sure whoever reads these/screens them for you is pretty happy when they are short as well.

At any rate, it looks like your healthcare bill is not going to pass as easily as you may have thought. It seems like you are getting tired of the opposition and just want this to get passed and done with.

It seems the numbers are pretty close and could go either way. You are certainly doing all you can to get the votes you need. You went to Capitol Hill today to make your personal pitch to Republicans to try and get the votes needed to close the deal.

We just have to wait for Thursday to see what the final votes are and see how successful you were at getting those votes and consequentially screwing so many of those who supported you and voted for you in the ignorant hope that you would be on their side looking out for them as President.

A Solicitous Citizen