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Dear Donald,

Today seemed to be a relatively quiet day, I didn’t see much in regards to headlines with your name. I wonder if this might just be the calm before the next storm. Perhaps that storm will come as the results of the Congressional hearing tomorrow.

We are expecting to hear from FBI Director James Comey and Adm. Mike Rogers of the NSA speak before the House Intelligence Committee about all of the alleged Russia dealings. I’m hoping a lot of things will be addressed and answered to completely put all of the suspicions and controversy to rest. I’m anxious to see if the “wiretapping” accusations will be addressed as well

Whatever the outcomes may be, I know there will be people unhappy either way. If it does bring to light connections with Russia, I’m sure you and your administration will look to discredit the results. Just as if the results of this hearing shows there are no ties to Russia, I’m sure plenty of people will not want to accept those results either.

I guess it’s just a waiting game at this point, and I’ll just have to wait for that big storm of news to hit the headlines tomorrow.

A Solicitous Citizen