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Dear Donald,

You cannot keep cherry picking stories that fit the reality you want to believe is real. Your tweet which continues to escalate is said to have been based off of allegations first uttered by Andrew Napolitano, who is not a reputable source by any means. In fact Fox News, is outright saying that they cannot confirm what Napolitano actually said.

It’s painful to watch Spicer grabbing at straws trying to cover up and move on from your tweet, but only make matters worse by changing the claim to say that the GCHQ may have actually been the ones to spy on you on behalf of President Obama. Only then to have to make a drastic backtracking and then admit that you are receiving your news second hand and running with it all before actually fact checking. I think nobody misses the irony in the situation here, seeing as you’re always so quick to yell out “fake news” the minute you hear a story spun a way you don’t agree with.

I know you may not like, or be used to conceding when you are wrong, but as the President of the United States, you make us look extremely stupid when you play this stupid finger pointing game. You continue to be obstinate and feel that your administration has nothing to apologize for. In refusing to back down, you make fools of us all.

How far will you take this? In your continued defiance we watched you say “We said nothing,… All we did was quote a certain very talented legal mind who was the one responsible for saying that on television. I didn’t make an opinion on it…You shouldn’t be talking to me. You should be talking to Fox.”

I find it another low that you said all of this in front of Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany, who took office to the US tapping her cell phones last year. You used this as a snide attempt to try and connect with her by saying “At least we have something in common, perhaps.” just digging in that jab a bit more.

I wouldn’t think that you are making friends in the world with these tactics, and I worry about what that means for the US in the years to come.

A Solicitous Citizen