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Dear Donald,

You’re really sticking to your guns on this whole “wiretapping” story aren’t you. You are even expanding on it all by saying that more is going to surface on the matter. Do you really think that you should though? Even top level Republicans are getting tired of this claim and are doubting the validity of the accusations. Your attorney general certainly made it known that he played no part in providing any information that would lead you to believe that anything of the sort had occurred as well.

Oh well, in other news, I was thrilled to hear that yet another judge has stepped into your path to block your second attempt at issuing a travel ban. Even with the revisions you made, the judge was able to halt it by saying that a “reasonable, objective observer” could view the order as “issued with a purpose to disfavor a particular religion, in spite of its stated neutral purpose”.

This is strike two, and I’m guessing it’s really starting to bruise your ego now.  You had to nurture your bruised ego, by surrounding yourself from your loyal supporters and ranting about how this is a judicial overreach, and how this makes us look weak. I think that if you make us look weak. You do not listen to the voice of the people that you are supposed to serve and represent when you make these executive decisions, and it shows when we have to fight back united against you. Divided we fall, and you are the main source of a lot of division right now.

Until you can acknowledge that the majority of people did not vote for you and do not see things your way, you will continue to be faced with resistance. Division will make us weak, and until you recognize that you are the source of our division, nothing will change.

A Solicitous Citizen