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Dear Donald,

Everyone is talking about your “leaked” 2005 taxes. I think this is pretty ridiculous seeing as these taxes are over 12 years old. Yes, they show you pay taxes, but I will say that it is interesting to note that the  majority of the taxes were paid in the “alternative minimum tax” something that you are calling to eliminate.

Disregarding all of that though, the thing that really pulled my focus was the story of how the documents came to light. It seems that these documents were mailed to a long time journalist David Cay Johnston. He claims that they were sent to him completely unsolicited. He has made it a point to say that you have a long history of leaking material about yourself when you think it’s in your interest.

Now other people will speculate that the interest in this situation, would be to detract from the healthcare plan you are hoping will get passed. So if that’s the case, maybe that is exactly what we should focus on.

What is it that you don’t want us to pay attention to exactly? Is it perhaps that the Congressional Budget Office is reporting that 24 million will lose coverage, and those that do not lose coverage will simply see a large rise in their deductibles? I find it is very convenient how your administration has already been working to discredit the numbers that were expected out of the CBO. Spicer is quoted to have said “If you’re looking to the CBO for accuracy, you’re looking in the wrong place,” Very cleverly working to plant those seeds of doubt.

I hope that this smoke screen attempt doesn’t work as well as you hope and that he American citizens are awake and aware of the slights of hands you are trying to pull.

“Right now, about 10 percent of people are uninsured. If the ACA stays in place, that number will hold steady. If the American Health Care Act replaces it, the total people uninsured in this country will go up to 19 percent. That’s even higher than pre-ACA numbers.”

A Solicitous Citizen