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Dear Donald,

The country is still talking about your wiretapping tweet, and its only making things worse. Perhaps it’s becoming purposely warped in an attempt to just detract from your statement as a whole.

Sean Spicer tried to change what you said and insinuate that you didn’t exactly mean Obama himself played a part in the wiretapping, but that you meant the Obama Administration, and that perhaps Obama didn’t even know. Even though you specifically called Obama out in being the root of this whole ordeal.

Spicer also makes it a point to say that you said wiretapping in air quotes. Because by saying “wiretapping” it was not meant to mean the specific act of wiretapping itself. He goes on to say that by using air quotes you were implying that other techniques of surveillance had actually occurred. My god my head is spinning. I think that is quite a stretch of an excuse that took a few days to come up with. Your administration obviously needed time to try and find a loophole that they could use to talk you out of the corner you tweeted yourself into..

To add to that ridiculousness, I am also having a hard time finding words to describe how just utterly blown away by Kellyanne Conway. You really surround yourself with real winners Donald. Part of me is just one breath away from rolling around on the ground just busting at the seams with laughter at her stupidity, and the other part of me is just outraged that she is even a person of significance in our country today. Really??? Microwaves that turn into cameras….

She really didn’t help herself either when trying to talk her way out of the stupid comment and say that she is not inspector gadget and she doesn’t think microwaves are being used to spy on your campaign, because she said that she is “not in the job of having evidence”. Excuse me, but if one of your counselors is out speaking out for you, on behalf of you and addressing the public, SHOULDN’T SHE BE “IN THE JOB OF HAVING EVIDENCE”??? Why would she even say something on your behalf without proof??? She absolutely lost all credibility by making that statement, and personally I don’t understand how anyone is supposed to take her seriously after outright stating that she doesn’t believe it is her duty to present accurate information to the people on your behalf.

A Solicitous Citizen