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Dear Donald,

Spicer appears to be a lot like you and Conway in that you like to spread misleading lies that twist and contort reality to work for your agendas.

Yesterday Spicer claimed “James Rosen had his phone, multiple phones tapped,”. This was said directly responding to a question regarding leaks and CIA hackings.

Just firing up another story to circulate and build doubt and distrust in people, but Rosen himself seems to have come forward to clear some stuff up with the true reality of the situation. The DOJ seized records of multiple Fox News reporters as part of an investigation regarding leaks.

I think it’s interesting to actually learn about the situation itself, and hear Rosen’s response as well as the responses from his family. His father for one found the record seizures to be “downright ludicrous”.

A major point of this article that I found interesting is the argument that the investigation and threat of prosecution itself was outrageous to the reporters, who felt that they were under scrutiny for simply doing their jobs.

I feel that if you were asked how you felt about these scenarios before the election you would have been more inclined to lean in favor of the reporters in being allowed to do their job, but I don’t think you’d lean that way now.

Now that you are on the hot seat, I see you quite often trying to sway the media in your favor and discrediting anything that you don’t like or agree with. Being that it seems your administration is constantly trying to sway and manage the media, I think having reporters that work to find out the details that would otherwise be hidden is not something that you want to see.

Just some food for thought, seeing as this report is actually from your beloved Fox News.

A Solicitous Citizen