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Dear Donald,

It’s funny to hear Sean Spicer talk about how you have no regrets about accusing President Obama for tapping your phones. It seems like he’s constantly having to come up with creative ways to spin the things you say to not be so damaging to you and everyone supporting you. It appears that he has his work cut out for him.

Do you just tweet whatever pops in your head and just run with it? I feel like there is no thought, you just type those little tweets and send them off without thinking about the possible ramifications of them.

Sean is now trying to say that you were strongly suggesting that these allegations be looked into to see if any proof can be found supporting these very serious claims. Of course if something like this was to have happened it would be a very serious matter, but the fact is, you did not strongly suggest that some investigating happened. You stated it as if it was indeed fact, that you had just come across tangible proof that this occurred and that some response was in order to go about dealing with this.

I can’t stand that you are responsible for this term “Fake News” gaining so much traction, when you are the one responsible for a lot of the misleading and potentially fake news yourself.

When you put the country in a position to question what is truth and fact so much, and feed into the doubt, it really tears everyone apart. Everyone wants to find the truth that they agree with, and it leads to people finding the truth but rejecting it because it’s not what they wanted it to be. This leads to people calling the truth fake, because you cultivated this doubt in everything that is said.

You and your people are twisting everything to confuse and mislead, and I’m really sad to see that it works in confusing so many people. I honestly don’t know if you believe and drink your own Kool-Aid, but if not, how can you not see that what you are doing is just sick and wrong?!

A Solicitous Citizen