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Dear Donald,

The whole country is still talking about your outrageous claims that President Obama was tapping your phones, but I can’t talk about that anymore. It just really agitates me deep down that some people are actually going to believe the things you say and think that it’s true, so I have to just move on unless any new information comes to light.

While all of that drama is still happening, we have other people in the country waiting with baited breath to see what this new immigration law is that you are planning to roll out. Since the new order hasn’t been released it just feels like it’s a weird quiet before a storm, which is very unsettling.

The silence and seeing that ICE agents are turning up all over in the country aggressively working to round up people is just devastatingly surreal. There have been checkpoints close to home here and it’s getting very unnerving.

I see lawyers are gearing up to run to airports to offer their assistance if they can whenever this order is released. The New York Mayor is vowing to protect and hide immigrants in the city, and only agreeing to help ICE agents only in cases that involve serious and violent crimes. It really helps to focus on the people who care and are using their strengths to fight back.

I don’t know what I can really do to help, but I’m going to keep trying to stay on top of everything as things happen, and jump in whenever I see I can. It gets discouraging sometimes just watching you speak nonsense and struggling to make sense of the things you say and knowing that there are people out there just hanging on to your every word following you blindly.

I know these people give you happiness, hope, and validation, but please remember, that you lost the popular vote, and even though there may be quite a lot of those adoring fans of yours, you have a much larger group that isn’t so adoring, and they are going to fight you every step of the way.

A Solicitous Citizen