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Dear Donald,

It looks like more reports are surfacing linking your campaign associates and your current administration to Russia. The list as I know it includes the following:

  1. Michael Flynn your previous National Security Adviser
  2. D. Gordan, another adviser of yours on national security
  3. Paul Manafort, your previous campaign chairman
  4. Jeff Sessions, Attorney General
  5. Jared Kushner, a senior adviser and son-in-law
  6. Carter Page, an early foreign policies adviser

Even now as we see that Jeff Sessions outright lied saying “I didn’t have — did not have communications with the Russians.”. you defend him in saying that you do not believe that he needs to recuse himself from the investigations. You claim his lie was not intentional and liken these investigations to a witch hunt.

I frankly cannot see how you don’t see the need for transparency. How do you expect to lead and unite a country that has no trust in your and  your administration. How can there be trust when there is so much deceit and seemingly shady dealings.  I’m afraid that if you cannot come clean and be open and forthright with you and your administrations dealings with Russia, you only increase the country’s distrust in you.

I think a great first start in being open and transparent would be to release your tax returns, but I see that the Republican House majority is helping to keep that delayed as well.

It is encouraging to see that Senate Democrats are still fighting back though in asking for the Senate Finance committee’s panel chairman to request the documents from the treasury to review them to see what can be released to the public. This was followed by the senators saying “If committee members identify ties or relations to foreign governments within these documents, we will respectfully request the chairman and members of the committee hold a vote to make that information available to the public,”.

I feel like you have so much to hide and it only concerns me for what might be to come.

A Solicitous Citizen