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Dear Donald,

I see that you and Melania had a lovely successful Governor’s Dinner this evening. Of course you had to report that you had record number of 46 governors in attendance. Who knows if that’s accurate, but of course you have to claim that.

Also, why can’t you just give your wife a simple compliment? You could have just said a nice little compliment about the room looking lovely thanks to her oversight, but as per usual you had to add a little something extra to take away from the compliment.

“I wanna just congratulate the First Lady on having done a really beautiful job, the room they say, has never looked better, but who knows, I’m sure its looked very good many times. So Melania, congratulations.”

I really begin to wonder what it takes for someone to earn a true compliment from you. You had no trouble giving your VP some seemingly lovely and genuine recognition that also extended to his wife and of course your homeland security secretary John Kelly and your “fantastic team, your A-Team”.

We also got to see some more of your more signature compliments in your toast to the governors. You know your record breaking 46 governors in attendance that you were so proud of. Your signature compliments seem to go a little like this. They start off really pretty nice. Then, just when you think it’s a pretty nice compliment, it takes a little turn to add an insult, but before the insult can be fully processed, you try to smooth it over with a “just joking, you’re really great” kind of vibe, then a bunch of pieced together crazy random thoughts and ramblings.

“I just wanna salute and toast the governors, the great governors of the United States. They have done such an amazing job, such an easy job you have. So easy. But you have done a fantastic job, and your families and wives and well everybody’s here, I mean, I’ve seen daughters come tonight. I’ve seen wives, I’ve seen, all I know is that everybody is lovely, and we are going to have a wonderful evening and tomorrow we are going to meet and we are going to discuss things, like perhaps healthcare will come up. Perhaps ……”

You of course rambled on to talk about the ACA making clear your distaste for it and how it is not working according to you also making it seem like you just think it’s just a big mess that needs your administration to come and save everyone from it and how you have already made huge progress etc etc etc., but that of course has nothing to do with thanking governors.

Another thing, you are aware that the title of state governors is not only held by men right? I seemed to get a feeling from your speech that you were talking about governors as if they were only males, and that the women in attendance to this dinner were only the wives or daughters of the governors present.

Women aren’t just pretty accessories, just hanging around to make things look pretty and to bring pleasure to men. I sooo wish you could have a Freaky Friday experience with Hillary Clinton, to see things from her eyes. I think would rock your world, and probably make you see things in a whole new way.

A Solicitous Citizen