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Dear Donald,

I suppose of course the big news today, is that your administration closed barred multiple news media from being part of the news briefing today at the White House. I heard that CNN, The New York Times, BuzzFeed, Politico, The Daily News, BBC, The Los Angeles Times, and possibly others were part of the list of people not allowed in.

Is this your way of “disciplining” the news media that you don’t agree with? If you don’t like what they have to say, you just ban them and take away their ability participate in the press dialogue and speak on what they see and hear firsthand. Your administration keeps saying that this was not done in an effort to exclude those who have been most critical. I find this very hard to believe seeing as the people that were allowed, are all those that have been in agreement and sympathetic to you and what your administration has been doing from the beginning.

I don’t understand what you are hoping to gain out of this. I would think this would only inflame matters for you. In barring them it would appear that you are aiming to only allow media to be shared that you approve of. You are only increasing the amount of distrust and fear the people in this country have for you.

Another thought that occurs to me, is that perhaps this is all to distract from something else. That maybe you are pulling this stunt to have everyone focus on the outrage of this power play you are pulling, but in reality it’s all just a smoke screen to hide something else.

Are you not happy with the resistance that you have been facing in implementing the changes you want to happen? Are you stalling and buying time to work on something bigger to catch everyone off guard? Or are you just perhaps feeling overwhelmed with the bureaucracy and duties of this position, but trying to enjoy the power you hold?

Perhaps it’s all just a power play, a move to feel in control. If people don’t do as you like, report as you like, you will shut them up by not allowing them a seat at the table. Why? Because you said so. Whatever you’re up to, I don’t like it and I’m sure plenty of people will not hesitate to share their dislike for it either.

A Solicitous Citizen