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Dear Donald,

It’s Presidents Day and I have to say I’m quite relieved to see that people are not growing complacent. They are still fighting to show you that you are not the President they wanted or voted for. Did you get a chance to see all of the “Not My President” Presidents Day protests going on?

You lost the popular vote Donald and I’m happy to see that people will continue to keep reminding you of that at every opportunity they get.

You have only been in office for one month, but it doesn’t seem like you even got a honeymoon phase. People began protesting since day one, and I’m hoping that they continue on with a marathon mentality. We have to be prepared to keep coming out and reminding you about the majority here in America you are supposed to be serving.

It’s so easy to be friends with people who share the same ideals and hobbies as you, but it takes a bigger and better person to try and see things from opposing views and perspectives. As President you have a responsibility to do not only surround yourself with only those who echo back your own thoughts and opinions, but to reach out to those who challenge you. To make responsible decisions for this country you have to start listening to us.

You are not the CEO of this country. You are supposed to work for us ALL, not just the ones who fawn all over you and kiss the ground you walk on. The people demand to be heard, and if you choose to continue ignoring us, the roars will only grow louder.

A Solicitous Citizen