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Dear Donald,

I’m sorry if you missed me yesterday. As committed as I am to keeping my promises, life happened yesterday and I did not have time to sit down to write to you. This doesn’t mean I am losing steam, I fully intend to continue writing to you every day, but I acknowledge that sometimes things may happen.

I see that you are already back out campaigning. It looks like you are getting your energy and rejuvenation from your rallies. Are you going back to what you’re comfortable with and just being a celebrity talking in front of a captive audience getting your jollies from the applause and cheers of your adoring fans? Or perhaps you are just out to spread doubt about what is truth as far and wide as you can.

You’re really starting to frustrate me with the constant claims that any news you don’t like is fake news, and I am starting to lean towards the theory that you aren’t doing this out of ignorance, but that if you repeat this enough, loudly and consistently you are planting seeds of doubt in the people. You keep bashing the media that you don’t agree with, and soon I can imagine you will try to put roadblocks to impede free speech.

You may fool a lot of people into falling into your desired line of thinking, but you should know that you will not pull the wool over the eyes of everyone. I will not follow you blindly. I will question your every word, your every movement and I will continue to encourage everyone around me to do the same.

I don’t know if you are pulling the strings here and pushing your own agenda, or if you are acting as a puppet. It seems quite clear to me that in many cases that you are fed facts that you trust are true and you regurgitate them. In other cases it seems like you just try to puff yourself up and make yourself look good, so you just say anything that you think will get a cheer or a satisfying ego fluffing response. Something tells me, that even if you were being used as a puppet, that you probably wouldn’t even be aware. You seem to rely too much on the people around you and are so caught up in the adoration of your followers that you probably can’t look at things objectively to see it.

Puppet or not, I don’t trust a word you say, and I will push every day to point out the contradictions you utter on a daily basis. As far as I am concerned, YOU are the biggest offender and perpetrator of fake news. I may have missed a day to write to you here, but I’m letting you know now, I’m in this for the long haul. Don’t get used too used to any absences that might happen. Don’t get used to silence from my neck of the woods, because I’m pretty dang obstinate and stubborn too and I plan to be here for the long haul.

A Solicitous Citizen