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Dear Donald,

Man oh man was that press briefing something this morning.  My head is still spinning and trying to make sense of everything that you said. You have this thing where when you are talking, how you don’t stick to one topic and you mix and mingle things to the point that nobody can follow what train of thought you are going on.

Two parts of today’s briefing which I watched live are really sticking with me. (I also reviewed the verbatim transcript which is provided on the White House website)

A question was asked on why you made claims that you had the biggest electoral margins since Reagan, but when faced with the numbers that President Obama won by more in both elections you claimed that you were only talking about Republicans. THEN when informed that President Bush senior won by even more, you completely diverted all responsibility by saying that you were given the information.

Ok, so if you are truly just being hand fed any information that you regurgitate, maybe you should look to your own people and try to find the fake news providers within your own staff before accusing the media of reporting “fake news”. Perhaps it’s simply the people around you feeding you misinformation that is leading you to believe that the news reported is fake, when it actually might be the truth. Something to consider.

ALSO, I could absolutely not follow at all what you meant by this answer to this question. I am just going to copy and paste from the White House page, because I really can’t summarize what I really cannot wrap my head around.

Q    Thank you, Mr. President.  I just want to get you to clarify just a very important point.  Can you say definitively that nobody on your campaign had any contacts with the Russians during the campaign?  And, on the leaks, is it fake news or are these real leaks?

THE PRESIDENT:  Well, the leaks are real.  You’re the one that wrote about them and reported them.  I mean, the leaks are real.  You know what they said — you saw it.  And the leaks are absolutely real.  The news is fake because so much of the news is fake.

I am VERY much at a loss. If the leaks are real, and you confirm this, how can any story reporting those leaks be fake news??? Please please please explain to me your line of thinking on this. I cannot make any sense of what exactly you are getting at with this one.

A Solicitous Citizen