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Dear Donald,

I know today is an overrated Hallmark holiday created to profit off of people’s need to show off and try and outdo everyone around them.

Although, I don’t necessarily like the hype around the holiday, I do always welcome any excuse to show my love for my special person in my  life. It doesn’t have to be any big gestures, or anything expensive, but just a little something to remind them that they are important to me and that I appreciate them.

I’ll keep this letter short and sweet today, because I don’t want to take up any more time that I could be devoting to my person right now, but I did want to write to you to keep up this commitment I’ve made.

I hope you spend some time today appreciate Melania. I don’t know her, but I certainly hope you chose to marry her for more than her pretty looks. Please spend some time to remember some of the things that you found value in and share with her how special she is to you.

I’m hoping you aren’t entirely a selfish being and that there might be some true feelings of love you have for her. I find myself also hoping that she is reminded of those feelings you have for her in the things you do, not just today, but every day.

A Solicitous Citizen