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Dear Donald,

I have to say, I think there is something positive you have done for me. Before you, I was never too invested in the world around me. I never really watched the news, or even made it a priority to go out and vote. I enjoyed my ignorant little bubble and I did not even think to do anything outside of my bubble to contribute to the comfort I lived in.

Now I feel like I spend every free moment checking for news updates, cross referencing articles and trying to verify facts. I find myself trying to be proactive, figuring out the things that I could be doing to try and be a better influence on the world, as I see people around me angry, sad, scared, and lost.

It really sucks that I took for granted my privileges and didn’t truly appreciate the time I had being able to just live so carefree. I think about how even now when I have things in my life that I’m worried about, there are so many other people around me who have so much more to lose. I see the concern people are facing of potentially losing their friends, families and future in ways that I can’t even fathom. I can’t with a strike of my keyboard, or stroke of my pen make these things not happen.

I’m so much more invested in my life and the world around me than I ever have been before. It sucks that it’s not under better circumstances, but I suppose it’s better late than never.

I don’t know how long you will stay in office, or the things you will try to accomplish, but I plan to follow your every move as closely as possible. I plan to do whatever in my power to stand my ground and stand up for what I believe in and do all in my power to defend and protect not only myself but those around me as well.

I don’t quite understand your line of thinking on a lot of things, but I am glad that so many other people are questioning you and putting barriers in your way. I hope you realize we aren’t going away. You can spout “alternative facts” and yell “fake news” until you’re blue in the face, but you won’t get rid of us that easily. You’ve really woken this country up. I hope you wake up yourself one day.

A Solicitous Citizen