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Dear Donald,

First and foremost, assuming that all correspondence directed towards you is screened, before you even see it, (if you even ever do) I’d like to say that in all of my future correspondence, I fully intend to be well mannered and courteous. I may not be particularly fond of you from what I’ve seen and heard from you, but I will always aim to express myself in a civil and appropriate manner.

Now with that being said, I find it hard to find the words to write to you right now. I want to believe that you are aware that you are not the most popular or well liked individual in the world today. Although, sometimes the things you say makes me think that you delude yourself into believing only what you find appealing. Either that, or you hope that in deliberately discrediting facts, ideals and opinions that you don’t like, you can lead the more trusting, unquestioning people of this country and the world to believe as you want them to.

The thought that you are possibly purposely manipulating and deceiving others for your own power and selfish benefit is very distressing. On the other hand, if those are not your intentions, I find it be equally concerning that someone with your status, power, and money could be so seemingly out of touch? Lost? Deluded? Or perhaps even most alarming, perhaps you are the one being manipulated.

I supposed it comes as no surprise to you that I did not vote for you. I was in complete and utter shock when I walked out of a movie theater on Election Day and realized the results were in and you were going to be our next President. I felt so ignorant. I had no freaking clue that I was living in such an ignorant bubble of how contradictory this country is as a whole in their views and beliefs. Overwhelmed with emotions, and feelings of shame for being so sheltered with my California ideals, I just sat in my car in that movie theater parking lot, sobbing. Even, in that moment of fear and anguish, I hoped that all of the things you said and promised were just empty words.

Mrs. Clinton was not my dream candidate by any means, but she did not outright threaten to endanger my rights or the lives of some of the people I hold most dear. She did not threaten to repeal the Affordable Care Act, threatening the lives of those who rely on it, jeopardizing the millions of jobs it provided. She did not make egregious, disrespectful comments about women implicitly indicating a view of inferiority. I also do not recall her making disgusting, venomous claims about Muslims or Mexicans insinuating broad accusations of villainy. In addition, it was not Mrs. Clinton who decided to align and partner herself with Pence, an individual who has a track record of opposing the basic rights of human lives, just because they identify as LGBTQ. You did those things Donald.

As I watch you work every day to make good on every promise you made during your campaign I see that even that night as sat in my car, I was still living in my ignorant little bubble. I didn’t think you would follow through with everything you said you would.

Donald, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, or status, we are each and every one of us human individuals. We are all of us, deserving of basic human rights and respect. Each and every one of us is capable of good, as well bad.

In your position, the things you are doing will have lasting rippling effects on this country, as well as our what our reputation will be worldwide. I implore you to make every effort to see past your own bubble and see things from other perspectives as you continue to make your mark in history.

A Solicitous Citizen