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Dear Donald,

I have never met you before, and I likely never will. I am not even sure if you will take the time to read this. Regardless, I have decided to sit here and write to you to share my thoughts.

I watched a video clip today from your Roundtable with County Sheriffs that happened yesterday in the Roosevelt Room. Something you said really got me to thinking.

“As you know, I approved two pipelines that were stuck in limbo forever.  I don’t even think it was controversial.  You know, I approved them — I haven’t even heard — I haven’t had one call from anybody saying, oh, that was a terrible thing you did.  I haven’t had one call.  You know, usually, if I do something it’s like bedlam, right?  I haven’t had one call from anybody.” –Donald Trump
(Quote taken from WhiteHouse.gov > Briefing Room > Speeches & Remarks > February 07, 2017)

Now, after reading this, I thought, there is no way in hell anyone could even get through to the President at the White House even if they had tried to call.

Then it really began to hit me. I would certainly LOVE an open line to talk to the President, to be able tell them about my opinions and concerns as they run this country. So, being a person of action, I decided to call, to be just that one call.

You can imagine my disappointment after dialing the comment line listed on your website (202-456-6213) and hearing the White House comment line’s recorded message stating that the White House is not receiving comments at this time. Perhaps that is why you didn’t receive any calls??

It was then that I decided to try and commit myself to one letter a day to you. I will reach out to you via Twitter, email, the WhiteHouse.gov contact page, and even regular USPS mail. I don’t know if they will be read, but I certainly won’t let that stop me from trying to get my voice heard.

I need to speak my mind, because it hurts too much to keep biting my tongue.


A Solicitous Citizen